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that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> the best is yet to come we saw that in the most diverse in american history. he won the women's vote by 11 points. he won more than 7 in 10 latino votes and his campaign revolutionized how elections are won. all together, he solidified his place in history as a leader of a democratic movement. joining me now is senior strategist for the obama campaign, david axelrod. david, first, thanks so much for coming on the show tonight. >> sure. good to be with you. >> and congratulations. it was a great, great night. >> let me ask you something. when did you know for sure that you could win this election yesterday in. >> you're talking about during the day yesterday or during the course of this campaign? >> let's start within the course of the campaign. >> you know, i've got to tell you -- and i know it sounds maybe preposterous to some, i always had confidence that we would win this campaign. i was confident because the notion that we should build an economy that's centered around the middle class and those that are fighting to get into th
that we're headed in the wrong direction. so these jobs numbers were good news for america, they were good news for the obama campaign but bad news for the romney campaign. they take whatever win he had in this bailout. >> krystal, when we look at the polls, the president is up in the swing states, up by 5 in wisconsin, more than 4 in pennsylvania, over 2 in ohio, 2 in iowa, and new hampshire and a slight edge in colorado. governor romney is ahead by a little over a point in florida and just barely beating obama in virginia. so if these polls prove right, the president edges out in the swing states and is re-elected? >> exactly. and i would look at iowa and wisconsin. romney has to win one of those states. if he wins ohio, then he has a shot. if he can't get ohio, he still has a plausible path if he can get wisconsin. what has to be really troubling to the romney campaign is we're seeing more and more polling in those states and they are not moving in his direction and the president's turnout particularly in ohio has been very strong, very robust. so i think those two states in particular
's using. watch this. >> sure. >> america in some ways is changing. >> yes. >> and it's changing in this way, is that -- it's the allure of free. >> there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. they want things. >> they're the party of free stuff. they are the party of santa. >> david? >> you know, under their definition, under mitt romney's definition, medicare is a gift. social security is a gift. medicaid is a gift. veterans' assistance is a gift. and that's one reason why he lost. most americans don't see it that way. i have to tell you, reverend, when i first saw those 47% remarks, it's 67 seconds on that hour-long video i got, and i wondered, you know, it was clear what he said. we came on -- i came on the show. we talked about it. everyone can judge for themselves. but i wondered to what degree, whether this was mitt romney really saying what he believed or saying what he thought the people in the room wanted to hear. that he was talking to these rich folks who are resentful against people who aren't as successful as they are. and when you tie that together with thos
to reach out, they've got to represent america and they've got to understand the demographics have changed and that is not to be pro or anti any group. what happened to that spirit that we were just hearing 2 1/2, 3 weeks ago? >> lip service. and cynthia is right. they could have easily put women and men into positions of leadership. they would have had to have explained to the people who got seniority that this is something that we had to do for the benefit of the party. they could have begun the process. but when you combine this shocking thing, it's almost as shocking as when they had the hearing on contraception and had all men witnesses. they didn't have any female witnesses. when you combine this act with their attack on susan rice for what happened in libya when susan rice had nothing to do with what happened in libya, when you combine that gratuitous attack on her like this, it looks like they are back to their old ways, attacking women, ignoring women, attacking minorities and people of color. cynthia i think would agree with me, you don't make just points by putting people of col
-american or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, base or straight, you can make it here in america if you're willing to try. >>> it's that vibrant coalition that elected president obama. african-americans, latinos, women, all supporting him, and pushed for a sea of change at the state level, too. republicans won the governor's race in north carolina, but lost in montana, washington, new hampshire, vermont, west virginia, delaware and missouri. and remember the overreach of the tea party in the states where many -- so many anti-women, anti-voting laws first began? well, voters shut that down too. california and illinois now have democratic super-majorities in both chambers. democrats flipped both chambers in maine. republicans lost their super majorities in arizona, and democrats claimed new majorities and statehouses in colorado, minnesota and new hampshire. americans stood up for progress, and that's what elections are all about. >> that's why we do this. that's what politics can be. that's why elections matter. it's not small, it's big. >> this election was big. it signaled that the rea
their vision of america didn't pan out two weeks ago today. while you have others in the republican party trying to deal with reality, martinez in new mexico, jindal in louisiana. they are speaking up forcefully about what the republican party needs to do to ensure, from their perspective, the drubbing they got by the democratic presidential nominee two weeks ago doesn't happen to their party and to their nominee come 2016. i mean, it's the right message for them -- it's the right way for them to be thinking if they want to save their party f they want their party to not slide any further into being a regional party but to still be a national party and a national party that actually knows how to govern. >> now, krystal, when you look at the fact that the campaign manager for the manager, jim messina, at a breakfast this morning, he said that the white house feared running against huntsman. take a look. >> we were honest about our concerns about huntsman. you know, i think huntsman would have been a very tough general election candidate. it's someone who helped manage his confirmation for
was going to repeal it on day one and everybody in america knew it. so what is speaker john boehner talking about? here's the thing. we always knew it was going to be a tough fight. i think the american people need to step up and remind the republicans what they said in the campaign. and that means that the election is one thing but active citizenship is another and these guys are going to try to balance this fiscal slump on the backs of the most vulnerable. we are not going to be able to tolerate that. it's time for folks to start writing, calling, and letting their voices be heard one more time to make sure that this thing is done right. >> now, governor rendell, is immediately rejecting boehner's omnicare ploy. i'm quoting what they said. it's a total nonstarter. boehner's office knows that. so even bringing it up is counterproductive. is it counterproductive? and why are they bringing this up, governor? >> well, first of all, let's make one thing clear. the cbo has said definitively that the affordable health care act will not increase the federal deficit. they said it will reduce it sl
nothing, every family in america will see their income taxes automatically go up on january 1st. every family, everybody here, you'll see your taxes go up on january 1st. i mean, i'm assuming that doesn't sound too good to you. that's sort of like the lump of coal you get for christmas. that's a scrooge christmas. >> that's a scrooge christmas all right. but this president is going to do everything he can to stop it. >> i've got a bunch of pens ready to sign this bill. i'm ready to sign. there are no shortages of pens in the white house and i carry one around for an emergency just in case. just waiting for the chance to use it to sign this bill to make sure people's taxes don't go up. >> he's got the pen and the power. from the look on speaker boehner today, he's getting the message. joining me now is chris hayes, host of "up with chris hayes" here on msnbc and melissa harris-perry, host of melissa-harris perry on msnbc. thank you both for being here. melissa, it does seem that president obama has shifted his tactics this time around and it's all about using his power. >> yes. in this
america is the way these guys are willing to slander the president and the administration by any means. we certainly didn't do that, the democrats i'm talking about, during the bush administration. when we had a different secretary of state colin powell, and he operated on what he said was the intelligence that he got. >> yeah. >> which was totally completely false, filled with lies, absolutely absurd when the truth was actually known and we didn't take advantage of it because we are all supposed to act like americans and patriots. these guys are anything but. what these guys have done is they're willing to sack their own quarterback in order to get themselves into the game. those are not team players. these guys are like people on wall street who go in and short a stock which means you go and bet against it. you bet that the stock is going to fall and the company's going to lose money and you cheer for that to happen. because you've made that play, doesn't mean that you're a fan of the company just because you're getting in there. it's a very unpatriotic thing to do. >> let me go to ryan
and wished him well over the next four years. they also talked about america's leadership in the world and promised to stay in touch. before romney went to the white house, he met up for breakfast with his old pal paul ryan. >> mr. romney, how was your meeting with mr. romney today? was it nice to see him? >> good friend. great to be with him. >> always great to see paul ryan. >> sure. always great to see him. and chat about the irony of their getting only 47% of the vote. how fitting. but the fact is, even now many republicans don't get why they were rejected by the american people. this morning, as romney was getting ready for his big day in washington, his top political strategist was on national tv talking about why he lost. >> i certainly don't think it was the ideas. i think that the ideas carried the day for us and the success that we had, though it obviously wasn't enough to win the race, was based on the candidate mitt romney and on his ideas. >> the ideas carried the day? what is he talking about? those ideas are why romney came in second place. this election was a rejection
in america when men were free. >> government has not taken our freedom. it's preserved and expanded our freedom. but the same narrow view has fueled the tea party and powered the romney/ryan ticket. they despise government and they told us as much and the only thing that's worse than government, the millions who rely on it. >> there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government who believe they are victims. >> only 30% want the welfare state. >> one writes off 30%. the other thinks it's more like 47%. that explains their plans to gut medicaid, to change medicare as we know it, to make big government the enemy, except when big government needs to interfere with women's rights. but here's the thing. there's an opposing view. the storm last week made one thing so clear. government is vital. and the last four years have driven the same point home. >> no matter how bad a storm is, no matter how tough times may get, we are all in this together. we rise and fall as one nation and as one people. >> we've come too far to turn back now. we've come too far to let our hearts grow fain
with politics in america and now donald's kids know it. what happened in the trump political intervention? >>> and we'll tell you what joe biden is doing in this picture. you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. there are patients who will question, why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products help supplement enzymes that are naturally in saliva. biotene helps moisten those areas that have become dry. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene. >>> what did the gop learn from that devastating election defeat? not enough. in some places they just picked up where they left off before the election. that's next. >>> republicans spent the last two years attacking voting rights and women's rights all across the country. and it blew up in their faces on election night. but they didn't learn their lesson. and now the
. together we'll renew the bonds and reaffirm the spirit that makes the united states of america the greatest nation on earth. >> it's all on the line with just two days to go. joining me now is bob shrum and alicia menendez. thank you both for being here with me on democracy plaza. >> glad to be here. >> bob, let me start with you. republicans are talking about enthusiasm. how do you see it? >> first, you look at rallies that the president held in virginia, which i think he will, i win, by the way. you look at the people lining up, six, seven hours because they want it vote and republicans are trying to stop them. have you it say there is a lot of enthusiasm on the democratic side. sometimes i think enthusiasm is confused with irrationality. a lot of people cannot abide the idea of barack obama as president of the united states. they are angry. say outrageous things. the romney campaign abandoned most of the its message. it is just going back to some of the race stuff on welfare that it was doing before. they are appealing to that anger. they call that intensity, i call it irrationality. >>
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? it didn't matter. america rejected the culture wars. america rejected the religious rights agendas on issues after issue. abortion, gay marriage, rejected. is it the end of the evangelical force in politics? joining me now is frank schaeffer, columnist for "the huffington post," also author of "crazy for god." frank, thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> now, let me ask you, do you think the religious right poses a real problem for the gop? >> yeah, you know, before the election, not after, but before the election i wrote an op-ed for an evangelical progressive group called, and they are open to liberal ideas. and i wrote a piece called how the evangelicals have doomed the gop party. it was the evangelical party perhaps more than any single element in the last election cycle that peeled off so many voters who were just tired of the extremism, the masogony, the anti-woman platform, anti-abortion platform which many evangelicals hold as right wing tea party, many of these things. just as i trace in my book "crazy for god" the evangelicals have dug the
't be the voice of america. i don't think she deserves to be promoted. >> how could we place our trust in her? >> the question is how can the american people put their trust in lawmakers like these? the republicans are desperate to create a blame game here. so desperate they are actually invoking some of the great gop scandals of the past. >> somebody the other day said to me, this is as bad as water gate. nobody died in watergate. >> this is an administration that's now practicing serial deception. it's like watergate. >> the real scandal here is how republicans are trying to create a scandal and exploit tragedy for political gain. today, the president let them know he will fight them every step of the way. joining me now is former congressman patrick murphy, democrat from pennsylvania. he was the first veteran of the iraq war to serve in congress. former pennsylvania governor ed ren dell, now an nbc news political analyst. thanks for being here. >> thanks, reverend. >> pleasure. >> congressman, you have worn the uniform of this nation. what's your reaction to mccain and his followers on the
's driving the republican brand right now to a disaster. and we've got to get kind of a party view of america that's not out of rush limbaugh's dream journal. >> that seemed like a rational analysis. >> i agree. >> but rush limbaugh just unleashed on him today. listen to this. >> what folks did i or any of you have to do with the republican primary? all these consultants, do you realize they get rich no matter who wins or loses? little-known secret. they get rich no matter who wins or loses. but the republican primary, what was wrong with the republican -- as far as he's concerned, there were too many conservatives saying too many stupid things. >> rush is one of the drivers of the party ideology. >> doesn't rush get paid whether they win or lose, too? as a footnote here. >> hannity, coulter, these sort of people. as long as they have them driving the the party ideology, they're going to have problems. they're going to drive it in this extremist direction which is where they are now, far outside of what most of america is thinking. it's interesting this new idea i keep hearing about the prima
him on the trail as saying, democrats love america, too. gee, governor. thanks for that. but that soft attack apparently ends there. because behind the scenes, republicans are starting to go into their get ugly, to do anything to win this election. in miami, he's running a spanish language ad tieing president obama to fidel castro and hugo chavez. yes, venezuela dictator hugo chavez. that's apparently a-okay with mitt romney. [ speaking in spanish ] >> here's the translation. he approves that message. but the desperate kitchen sink politics don't end there. mr. romney's pushing the widely debunk claim that president obama is waging a war on welfare. it's the same lame story with his comments about jeep shipping jobs overseas. that's all ugly enough. but then there's this. he's bringing out the king birther, donald trump, to make robo calls and campaign stops in key swing states and the ugliness extends beyond the walls. they have taken to the airwaves with this low piece of political slime. >> obama claimed in a muslim country that america is not a christian nation, said congress had b
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)